new !!! Nano NP LiquidGlass

Topaz has been authorized by NTSI to perform these special coating. it is a registered patent by the German conpany Nanopool in the nanotechnology field. 

The Nano  NP Liquidglass coatings are in principle pure, flexible, super-durable glass, albeit at the molecular level.

These characteristics can protect glass surfaces and add extra functionality to the glass surface, making it :

>  Easy-to-Clean, Protected against aggressive environmental influence, Protected against abrasion, Hydrophobic, Oleophobic, Protected against glass corrosion and Anti-microbially protected (this characteristic has massive implications for domestic, healthcare and industrial environments).

The transparency of the glass is in no way impaired by the np-coating and importantly undesired light reflexes are not detected.

For watching a short film please click here.